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What is social Culture?
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Socio-culture Approach

The socio-culture approach are the roles of different ethnic groups, gender and the culture; with all these elements combined it forms a personality. Socio culture is the way people act and develop based around their surroundings. Socio cultural factors involve self-concept and self esteem. The socio-culture approach also is based apon peoples beliefs and what they stand for.

When you were younger there are many things that could make a person popular. Such things could be what you wear, how you look ,what toys you have,how well you are at sports, do you paricipate in the same activities that everyone else likes. All these factors are part of our culture it shows how easily influenced we are by such simple things. Socio-culture are the actions that we choose to do, to become who we are. This is the Socio-Culture approach.

Parenting has a huge influence on todays culture. Many of the ways a child will act as a young adult will depend on his parents ways of dicipline and care. If they give a child everything that they want and allow them to always do what they want. After a while they will always exspect it. Giving them a false sense of reality. In the world of today most of the time the perfect set up for live isn't given to you its earned, and with the socio-culture of today most of our succesors have earned the right of an easy life.

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