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*Social-Culture approach focuses on the role of ethnicity, gender, and culture in the formation of personality.

*Looks at the level of individualism or collectivism in society

*Individualism-the belief that the individual, self-reliance, and personal independence ar more important.

*Individualist-define themselves in terms of their personalities."I am a nurse." or "I am out going."

*Collectivism-the belief that the needs of the group should come before the needs of the individual.

*Collectivists-define themselves in terms of the groups to which they associate themselves with. " I am a Buddhist."Or"I am a father."

*Many people form Africa, Asia, and central and South America tend to be more collectivistic.

*Socio-cultural facts affect the way people perceive themselves as well as their self-esteem.

*Americans tend to be more individualistic because they are taught from a young age to look after themselves.

*Acculturation-the process of adapting to a new culture.

*Someone who is bicultual may find it easier to stop one culture and adapt to the other.

*Studies show that African American girls tend to be happier with the way they look than other girls.

*American children are taught to share with other children to be"number one".

*Bicultural people tend to have a higher self-esteem.

*Americans gain their individualist perspective form self-reliant heroes such a Belle from Beauty and the Beast.

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