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What Social Culture Is!!
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What Socio-cultrue is!!

Socio-culture is many things combined. Some of these elements include collectivism. This is the beleif that the needs of a group of people are more important than the needs of an individual. We beleave that collectivism is used in other countries but this practice doesn't seem very effective in the United States. Many people only worry about them selves. This is what makes up our Socio-Culture,amoung many things.

Another element of socio-culture is Individualism which is the belief that the person can support themselves,and are independent.This would bring us to a individualist which is a person who likes to define them selves with a title. For example they might say I am head captain of the football team. This is showing that they are an individual. This is done to show their individual personalities, which would seperate themselves from the rest of the group or society.

Some people are biculture and find it easy to addapt to other ways of living. Unlike most some people of only on main culture they have had to adjust to different ways. This is a great survival strategy when it comes to leaving in different countries.It may allow them to be more succesful, whicl allows them to have a good jump on life. This great ability is known as acculturation. Some jobs in our Social Culture are easier if you are bicultural, a translator,or a foreign language teachers,and a business man that works with foreign country factories are good examples where this skill is helpful.